How You Can Improve Your Europe email list Deliverability

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How You Can Improve Your Europe email list Deliverability

#1 Сообщение raselbd444 » 12 окт 2021, 12:27

There is no doubt that the content Europe email list of the email message and quality of the list affect email deliverability. Those are two primary factors email marketers should be concerned of. But there are also some technical issues Europe email list that may be overlooked by email marketers but play a significant role in the email delivery process. By addressing those issues you can increase your email deliverability rate and ensure your Europe email list newsletter is delivered directly into the recipient's Inbox.

The authentication between Europe email list the sender (email marketer) and receiver (recipient's ISP) is quickly being adopted and put into practice. Email authentication helps prevent forged emails from being sent Europe email list from your mail server and thus, helps reduce the amount of spam in the recipient's Inbox.

So, if your opt-in email messages are Europe email list constantly being blocked by an ISP, you will most likely need to adjust your authentication records before you start thinking about your entire email sending program restructure Europe email list: Set up SPF (Sender Policy Framework) records on your server. SPF is an open standard created to stop forgery of From addresses. Because the majority of spam emails are sent from forged Europe email list addresses, SPF records allow the receiver's host to verify that the email is being sent from the server it asserts it's sent from.

It's like the email sender is telling Europe email list to the receiver "I send emails from this computer only". So, if any other machine tries to send an email from the same domain, the receiver's mail server knows the From email address Europe email list is forged. You can ask your hosting company to setup SPF Europe email list records for you. Or, if you have access to your cPanel, you can do this yourself without your hosting company's help. Just go to your cPanel and click on Email Authentication. Then enable the authentication parameter you would want to apply to your emails.


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