Madden 22 Coach Skill Tree in Franchise Mode

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Madden 22 Coach Skill Tree in Franchise Mode

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Players no longer have to choose to run Cover 3 Madden 22 coins instead of Cover 2 like in Madden 21, and instead they can plan out what approach they'd like for every game. They then can select goals to each coach which fit the plan, for instance, focusing on an inside run strategy or setting an offensive coordinator's goal of rushing 150+ yards. If a player was focusing on deep passing and jumps out to a quick lead then they could switch to an inside run-focused strategy for clock management in the second half, or, if they had planned to defend against short routes but find themselves hit deep, they are able to adjust their strategy to take away any long balls. The system isn't as sophisticated method, but it's a pleasant improvement.

The most dramatic changes to the game's on-field features in Madden 22 are exclusive to current generation consoles. Even PC players aren't included unexpectedly, which is a very disappointing considering they're one of the more notable changes in the last few years. The most important change is Next Gen Star Driven AI system that draws from the NFL Next Gen Stats database to allow players in games to function more like their real-world selves. It may sound like a simple concept at first, but not having to play defense against Josh Allen throwing flats and makes twenty passes in one row will improve the down-to-down experience. This system was first introduced in Madden 21 to some mild improvements, but Madden 22 is set to make it more effective as it gets updated during the real NFL season.

The second most important change could be the Dynamic Gameday features that gives each stadium a more realistic feel. The crowds and stadiums still aren't incredibly varied.

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